Westline Aviation is located at the New Tempe airport in Bloemfontein where they offer fixed wing and helicopter pilot training. Drakensberg Ballooning Pty Ltd has been flying as a commercial operation for the last 6 years. We operate under Westline aviation Air service license N235D. Drakensberg Ballooning offers Balloon Pilot training in Winterton and is done under Westline aviation ATO CAA0038

Our permanent base is in Winterton where we experience ideal flying conditions. We are 3500ft above sea level and situated outside controlled air space. The base is 25km from the Drakensberg escarpment which lies at 10000ft.  Winterton is 150 km from Pietermaritzburg.

Drakensberg ballooning operates six balloons. The three smaller balloons are used for training :

  1. HCY – Cameron C80
  2. HGE – Cameron  N90
  3. HYC – Thunder and Colt 105A
  4. HAA – Thunder and Colt 160
  5. HZF – Cameron A210
  6. HAR – Cameron Z315

We have accommodation available on site

Our second Ground School was presented in October 2016.

Our equipment is all serviced by Flamboyant Balloons

Contact Details :

David P. MacGregor

Email :

Tel : 082 352 5516