Satisfied Guests

It was great! Thank you for the great experience and the soft landing.


What a privilege to see God's creation from so high above!! You feel so tiny, and at the same time like a bird in the air. So much peace and tranquility.

Ben & Elise

May the gentle breezes always carry you through clear skies may your generous hospitality be returned to you for all the days of your lives. a wonderful experience.


Breathtaking views over the farm lands and distant Drakensberg, very gentle landing and worth the early start. Thank you for a great breakfast at the end.

Ian and Dorothy

Best value for money! Very enjoyable experience, Proffesional service. Far better than being in a helicopter. Will definitely recommend this experience to others.

The Callaghans

Wat een prachtige vlucht! Een belevenis om nooit te vergeten. Op de 3de dag van onze reis door Zuid-Afrika, Fantatisch!!

Familie Koeleman

Wat 'n ervaring!!
Ongelooflik dankte vir die gasvryheid, proffesionalisme en vriendelikheid. 'n Belevenis wat ons nooit sal vergeet die. What a landing!

André en Retha

Thank you for such an amazing flight. Ascending through the clouds and watching the sunrise was such a wonderful experience. Breakfast was delicious. Thank you so much

Beth and Darren